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Chicken liver with appels and pumpkin

Why not to try an unordinary combination of well-known food? Pumpkin with apples stewed in a little bit of wine with cinnamon in combination with liver is perfect! Try and enjoy!

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A grilled chicken for dummies

A chicken grilled in the oven is so yummy! The recipe is always fairly simple and does not require much preparation. However, there are a lot of small details directly affecting the taste of a dish made.

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Chicken heart skewers

A delicious snack! It is perfect to impress your guests with an unusual serving of well-known chicken hearts. Such skewers are always welcomed very well!

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Homemade chicken noodle soup

Chicken soup is not only tasty, but also really useful to keep the body health and boost your spirits! Chicken noodle soup made with love will bring much warmth and pleasure to you and your close ones!

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