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About poultry farming

Monitoring the growth of the parent stock chickens

The parent stock of broiler crosses demonstrates the same hereditary growth characteristics as the broiler population.

As far as the stock grows and body weight increases, it is necessary to add feed to the diet in accordance with the growing poultry need in nutrients.

Generally, if the ambient temperature is >20°С, parent stock chickens require no less than 23,000 kcal of metabolizable energy (IU) in accumulated value and 1.2 kg of well-balanced protein upon reaching the age of 20 weeks. By the age of 22 weeks, consumption in accumulated value should be no less than 27,000 kcal of metabolizable energy and 1.4 kg of protein.

In order to check whether a diet is sufficient to reach the standard body weight or not, weekly random weighing should be performed. In addition, it is important to observe physical fit of hens and roosters indicating correct growth and development of poultry. One should compare the dynamics of body weight and physical fit every 2 or 3 weeks before changing a standard breeding program.